Reimbursement Claim Form  

Circular No 18/2023/Fin Dated 17/02/2023  

Circular No 4/2023/Fin Dated 10/01/2023  

GO(P) No 70/22/Fin Dated 23-06-2022 Medisep Scheme Implementation  


E-Chalan Format  


Circular No 51/2022/Fin Dated 01/07/2022- Instructions   

G.O(P) 76-2022 Dated 27/06/2022 Grievance Redressal Mechanism  

MEDISEP - Implementation through Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.Scheme details  

GO(P)No.71/ 2022/Fin Dated 24/06/2022  

Medisep-Premium deduction from Salary and Pension   

Instructions to Nodal officers and DDOs (Circular No 32/2022/Fin Dated 06/04/2022)  

Data Collection - Time Limit for Finalization - Instructions   

Application and Consent form for NPS pensioners to join MEDISEP  

MEDISEP - Implementation through Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.Approved  

Data Collection - Time limit extended  

Data Collection - Date extended - Further instructions  

Frequently Asked Questions - Pensioners  

Frequently Asked Questions - Employees  

Data collection - Instructions to DDOs & Nodal Officers  

Medisep -User Manual - Pensioners  

Medisep -User Manual - Employees   

MEDISEP- Request for Proposal 2.0  

Annexure 2 -Proforma for Pensioners  

Annexure 1 - PROFORMA for Employees  

Technical Evaluation Committee reconstituted   

Institutions Under Education(General12)  

Institutions Under Education(General11)  

Institutions Under Education(General10)  

Institutions Under Education(General9)  

Institutions Under Education(General8)  

Institutions Under Education(General7)  

Institutions Under Education(General6)  

Institutions Under Education(General5)  

Institutions Under Education(General4)  

Institutions Under Education(General3)  

Institutions Under Education(General2)  

Institutions Under Education(General1)  

Institutions Under Education(General)  

Institutions Under Revenue  

Institutions Under Revenue1  

Institutions Under Agriculture1  

Institutions Under Agriculture1  

Institutions Under Education (Higher Secondary1)  

Institutions Under Education (Higher Secondary)  

Institutions Under Health Service1  

Institutions Under Health Service  

Institutions Under Police1  

Institutions Under Police  

Institutions Under Animal Husbandry  

Institutions Under Animal Husbandry1  

Institution Codes  

New Instructions to Nodal Officers,Treasuries etc  

Constitution of Proposal Evaluation Committee  

Circular No 117-2018-Fin Dated 12-12-2018 -Collection of Data - Further instructions  

BID Officers-GO(Rt)No 4790-2018-Fin Dated 05-06-2018  

Circular No 97-2018-Fin dated 23102018  


Circular No 84-2018-Fin dated 15092018  

Circular No 73-2018-Fin dated 07082018  

Circular No 62-2018-Fin dated 11072018  

Circular No 54-2018-Fin Dated 18062018